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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Announcing ABCT (Adult Book Club on Twitter)

How ABCT Came About:   While on #titletalk on Sunday, November 25th we were chatting about book lists and books for our students.  As I was watching the tweets come in and adding my own thoughts, I had this flash of an idea.  I thought wouldn't it be fun to create a book club for all the adult twitter members.  I know we all read a lot of "kid" books.  I also enjoy reading books written for adults.  Hoping other teachers, educators, authors, and readers would feel the same way, I decided to take a leap into something totally different for me...

The Invite Sent Out:  I took a risk and threw out the idea of creating an Adult Book Club on Twitter (#ABCT).  I wasn't sure what response I would get.  It was amazing to me when I saw a few tweets come back with readers saying they would love to join this new book club.  It was surprising to say the least.  I must say that one of the greatest moments during this tweet "a-thon" was when @donalynbooks tweeted stating she would love to join this book club.  What a moment!  More and more tweets started coming in with more and more people on Twitter saying they were interested in this idea of a book club. 

First Book Chosen:   Since I was about to start a new book after #titletalk on Sunday night, I decided to throw that out as our first book club selection.  We are going to read Life Among Giants by Bill Roorbach.  I had read some great reviews of it and was hopeful it would be a great book to start with.  What was so fun to see was how many people either downloaded the book or looked into the book on that first Sunday night.  For me, the excitement was growing!    

Who Should Read It:   I'm hoping to get as many Twitter readers reading this book during the month of December.  The possibilities of this book club are quite exciting.  I've also contacted the author (via Twitter) to see if he would like to follow this online book club and discussion.  I have scheduled our first #ABCT for Thursday, January 3rd at 7:00 PM CT.  Won't it be interesting to see how many people log-in this night to have the book club discussion.  It is my hope that we also "Tweet-talk" the book while we are all reading it.  Please spread the word about the book, the new book club, and spread the excitement about giving ourselves some time to read an adult book in between all the books we read for our students and young people. 

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