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Friday, December 4, 2015

Friend Friday #119 (Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate)...

Hi!  We are Mr. Andrus's Fourth Grade Class and we read the book called Crenshaw written by Katherine Applegate.  

We think this book is excellent because we loved the story about Jackson and Crenshaw and couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen each day Mr. Andrus read to us.  

Our favorite part in the story is when Jackson began to believe in magic because before this he was just worried about facts and didn't want to believe in magic like his sister Robin and his friend Marisol.  

The character that we liked best was Crenshaw because he was a large cat that could talk and helped Jackson with his problems.  He was also different from most characters and most cats.  He made us laugh many times.

We think the author wrote this book because she wanted to write another awesome story like The One and Only Ivan.  She also wanted to tell an important story about what happens to a family when they are having money problems.  

We would recommend this book to our friends because it is a great story with great characters and also has an important message in the story that all kids should read about.

Reading to me us is awesome because it is our favorite time of the day and we love being read to by Mr. Andrus.  He has read us great novels but this one is our favorite one.  

*This was our third class read aloud.  Our first novel was Circus Mirandus and the second book was Larger Than Life Lara.  

*I was so excited to share the story of Jackson and Crenshaw with my students.  I loved it when I read an ARC last summer and I loved it even more while sharing with my class.

*We decided to do "Friend Friday" post as a group and recommend the book Crenshaw.  

*The story was finished today and we brainstormed ideas after reading it.  

*If you have not read the book, we think it is a MUST-READ!

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