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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wonder Wednesday #198 (Come with Me - Unity Day)

 Wonder Wednesday - Reaching OUT

*Our school celebrating "Unity Day" on Wednesday, October 25th.

*All of the students wore ORANGE to support our "anti-bullying" efforts.  Each student also got an ORANGE wristband to wear.

*We had Skyped with Holly McGhee and she was kind enough to send us a stack of postcards that promote her picture book Come with Me.

*I wasn't sure how I wanted to use these postcards, but then on Unity Day it hit me.

*Each writer chose an adult in our building that they wanted to thank, tell them how much they appreciated them, or let them know how they have helped them.

*It was so much fun having the students pick a staff member and talk about the impact this adult has had on their life.

*Each writer wrote a short note on the back of the postcard and delivered it to the staff member.

*The activity was so much fun, so easy, and had a colossal impact on my fourth graders.

*Thank you to Holly McGhee for writing this book, Skyping with us, and for sending us these wonderful postcards that allowed us to "thank" someone in our own lives.

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