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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Wonder #3 (The Wonder of Reading)

I took @ColbySharp's advice from a blog post that he wrote.  He wrote about taking time to sit back and really take in the sights of your students during the reading workshop. 

I did that this afternoon and what a wonder it was.  As I looked from student to student, it just warmed my heart.  I then thought to myself, I need to capture some of these sights.  Iphones come in handy...

*The student above is reading from the new book Timmy Failure that I brought in on Monday. 

*This student is reading from The Loser List #1.  He will probably have it done by tomorrow! 

*One of my most avid readers, he is enjoying The Creature from My Closet #1.  He has been waiting patiently to get this copy in our room.

*Babymouse is still being read in our room.  I think this is her second time reading through all the books in the series. 

*This little reader is enjoying one of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. 

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