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Friday, February 14, 2014

Friend Friday #30...

Hi!  I’m Joey and I'm reading the book called The Lost Hero and written by Rick Riordan

I think this book is adventurous because they go on a quest.  

My favorite part of the story is when you figure out who the dad and mom are because I think it is the most exciting part.  

The character that I liked best is Leo because he is funny.  

I think the author wrote this book because he wanted to write a fantasy series to entertain many kid readers.  

I would recommend this book to my friends because it is the type of book/series that makes you want to read it all the time.  My friends and I are going to read all of his series.

Reading to me is fun because you find out for yourself about the story instead of somebody spoiling the book if they have read it already.  

*Joey is a 4th grade reader in my class.
*He and his buddies have been hooked on the Riordian books this year.
*They make sure they are on the same book, the same chapter, and even the same page.
*It is has been great to see how much reading they have done this year.  

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