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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Odd, Weird, & Little by Patrick Jennings...

How I Heard About It:  One of my favorite things is when I find a book by chance, read it, and end up loving it.  That is what happened with this book.  I was browsing the other day at the book store and came across this book.  The title and cover caught my attention.  I read the book blurb and added it to my book stack.  After finishing it today, I'm so glad that I took a chance on it because it is top-rate!  

What It Is About:  Toulouse is the new boy in class.  He is a bit odd.  He is a bit weird.  He is really little.  Everything he is works against him as he tries to start his new school.  Woodrow knows how difficult it is to fit in when you are different from the other kids in the class.  He sees this new student as a possible friend and a way to make his life easier than it has been.  As Woodrow gets to know Toulouse, he can't quite figure him out, but there is something he really likes about him.  The two of them slowly become friends and have to put up with the "bullies" at school.  Neither of them backs down and find ways to make their life better at school.  The courage it takes Toulouse to be "himself" is tough, but he gets to a point when he can reveal his "true" self to his new friend Woodrow.  

What I Thought Of It:  This was truly an adorable (can you say that about a book?) and wonderful story.  I read it in one sitting and loved every aspect of the book.  It is fresh.  It is unique.  It is quirky.  The main theme of the novel is "bullying", but told in such a new and interesting way.  Toulouse is a character I won't soon forget.  There is an underlying mystery throughout the entire novel and isn't revealed until the very last page.  Actually I'm not sure it was actually revealed at all because I still have questions even after finishing the novel.  I can't wait to share this gem of a book with my students on Monday.  

Who Should Read It:  My students should read this book.  Your students should read this book.  Your own children should read this book.  Adult readers should read this book.  This is the type of book that needs to be shared with everyone.  If a student should read this book on their own, I think they need to be in grades three through five.  If a teacher should read this book to their class, I think it would be perfect for grades two through six.  It is in my belief, that all young readers will thoroughly enjoy the story.  Happy reading...

Rating:  5 STARS out of 5 Stars

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