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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wonder Wednesday #114 (Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley)...

Wonder Wednesday - Class Read Aloud Number One

*One of the biggest decisions I make at the start-up of a school year is what novel will be the first read aloud of the year.

*This is no easy task.  I want to pick the perfect story to hook my listeners into the magic of our read aloud time.

*After reading this novel over the summer, I was certain I would kick off the school year with the magical story of Micah, Grandpa Ephraim, and Circus Mirandus.

*Once we finish the read aloud, my students fill out a reflection sheet.  I want them to record their thoughts about the story.  These reflection sheets are kept and compiled into a "booklet" at the end of the year.

*The booklet makes for a wonderful keep-sake of the stories we shared throughout the school year.

***WARNING:  There are a few spoilers included here!

*Here are a few thoughts that my listeners had...

I thought this book was…

*Good because it was an adventure and there was a secret throughout the book.  
*Great because it talks about a boy who goes out to the circus to save his grandfather.  
*Sad and happy because Micah was going through a lot of emotional stuff, but then at the end he got a miracle.  

I liked it when…

*Micah went to Circus Mirandus because this circus had a lot magic in it.  
*Grandpa Ephraim was feeling better because Micah got to have fun with him.
*Micah was flying with a gorilla balloon because it was an exciting part of the story.  

My favorite character was…

*Jenny because was so nice, sweet, and helpful to Micah.  
*Girdy (Aunt Gertrudis) because when she was young she liked magic and was happy.  
*The Light Bender because he saved Micah from living with the evil aunt.  

My favorite part in the story was…

*When Micah meets the Light Bender because he wanted Grandpa to be cured.   
*When Micah got to live with the Light Bender because it had me happy because Micah would have been very sad living with Aunt Gertrudis.  
*When Micah flew up with the huge gorilla balloon because I could imagine him flying up in the sky.  

It was interesting when…

*Micah fell from the balloon because the strong man caught him during the Light Bender's show.    

*We found out that making Grandpa Ephraim feel better wasn't the miracle because I really thought that was always the miracle.   
*Rosebud called the characters "Ducklings" because it was funny and strange.  

I was frustrated when…

*Micah was thrown out of his house by the aunt because he had to sleep in his tree house.  
*The Aunt kept trying to grab the lace rope because Micah liked it because it was a memory of Grandpa Ephraim.  
*Victoria let Girdy fall of the roof because she should have caught her.  She was so mean!  

I give this book _____ stars!  

5 STARS =  15 Students
4 STARS =  8 Students
3 STARS =  1 Students
2 STARS =  0 Student
1 STAR =  0 Students  

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