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Friday, April 1, 2016

Blog Break - Spring Break 2016…

 Time for a Blog Break

*I try not to take too many breaks from the ReadWonder blog.

*But every once and awhile, it is needed and necessary.

*The week of April 4th-April 8th my school is on spring break.

*To be honest, I'm very ready.  Love what I do, but sure do appreciate the small breaks along the way.

*Traditionally, the family has taken some pretty great vacations.  This year the wife and I will be taking a couple of "mini-trips" during the week.

*Kris and I will be near Vail, CO from Friday, April 1st until Monday, April 4th.  We will be visiting some wonderful friends.

*I get a couple of days at home and my goal is to hunker down and READ!

*The two of us hit the car on Thursday, April 7th to journey to Lawrence, Kansas to visit our son who is a freshman at KU.

*The daily posts will be back on Monday, April 11th.

*Of course I will review books that I hopefully will get read during the break.

*Happy spring everyone!

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