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Saturday, April 23, 2016

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

How I Heard About It:  During my last visit to the local library I was looking for an audio book to accompany my wife and I as we road traveled during my spring break.  I thought this would be the perfect story for the two of us to listen to while we hit the open road.  

What It Is About:  Jacob is the central character of this novel and he has Aspergers Syndrome.  Jacob lives with his mother and younger brother Theo.  His father left many years earlier because he couldn't handle the diagnosis.  Jacob goes to regular school, but has a "tutor" named Jess that helps him with school and learning about social cues and fitting into society.  When Jess is discovered dead in her college housing, Jacob and his family become the focal point of the investigation.  Both Jacob and Theo were at Jess' house the day of the murder.  After all the evidence is gathered, and there is a lot, Jacob is arrested and put on trail for the crime.  It doesn't help that he has a complete fascination with forensic science and his favorite television show is "Crime Busters."  Jacob's mother and lawyer do everything possible to prove that Jacob didn't do it; or if he is guilty it is because of his Aspergers.  

What I Thought Of It:  This took a long time to listen to.  There were seventeen CD's in the set.  We didn't finish it while on our road trips, but I did this last week during my commute.  I enjoyed the story. I've read other Jodi Picoult novels and they are always entertaining and interesting.  I like how she incorporates real life "issues" into a fiction story.  Picoult did an amazing job describing Jacob and his Aspergers.  The question as to whether he was responsible or not, kept me interested until the very end of the story.  As in typical Picoult fashion, there is always a surprise or two waiting at the end of the story for you.  

Who Should Read It:  This isn't the newest Jodi Picoult novel being published in 2010 I believe.  If you are a fan of this author and haven't read it yet, then I strongly suggest that you do.  The story telling is first rate.  Adult readers that enjoy a gripping and fascinating fiction tale, will be quite happy with this story.  Happy Reading!  

Rating:  4 STARS out of 5 Stars

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