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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #159 (Book Bins)

 Wonder Wednesday - Book Bins

*This probably isn't a WONDER for most people, but for myself these plastic "bins" have truly been a wonder in my classroom.

*In the past, I've tried many different "tools" to organize my students and their books.  We have used book bags, keeping books in our desks, and checking out novels one at a time.

*After reading Franki Sibberson's book about the reading classroom in grades three through six, I saw that she used these bins for her readers.  It was like a lightbulb went on and I know I found a method to use with my readers.

*The end of the summer found me shopping for these and trying to find the "best deal".  It was actually my wife who found them for a pretty good deal.  We bought 30 of them in a variety of really great colors.  I was the happy teacher.

*It took us a few weeks to really figure out how we were going to use these during our reading workshop.  The fourth grade readers now are expected to keep 4-5 books in their bin at all times.  I love that when they finish a book, they can go directly to their personal bin and get their next book.  My readers use to waste reading time looking for that great next book.

*The simple things are really what can change our teaching practices the greatest.  The organization is awesome and keeps all of us reading, reading, reading!!!

 I guess I need to confer with reader #1 and get this bin filled.

 These readers sure are busy reading all the books above.

 Reader #10 makes me so happy!

 Everyone building personal book collections.

 It is interesting to observe the differences in book choices.

 Many classic books are being read by my fourth graders.

Some readers may have problems finding enough space for all their choices.

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