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Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Friday #167 (Mighty Jack by Ben Hatke)

Hi!  I'm Abdirahman and I read the book called Mighty Jack written by Ben Hatke.

I thought this book was GREAT because there were magic plants in the story and I've never read a book with magic plants in it before. 

My favorite part in the story was when the characters went inside the portal because this part matched with the title because she yelled out "Mighty-Jack" during this part. 

The character that I liked best was Jack and Lilly because they both got to go to the portal and I wish I could do that.   

I think the author wrote this book because he wanted to write a book so kids could read a story about protecting yourself, having adventures, and friendship.  

I would recommend this book to my friends because it was awesome, a graphic novel, and really good. 

Reading to me is awesome because tauthors use expression in their writing and it is like watching or listening to something, but instead you are reading.  

*I was lucky enough to have lunch with Ben Hatke during #NCTE16 in Atlanta.
*During that lunch I received a copy of his graphic novel Mighty Jack.  
*When I shared the book titles I got from the convention, this was got an excellent reaction.  
*Abdirahman was the first one to get his "hands" on it.  
*He took it home that first night and brought it back done the next morning.
*His comment was "Do you have more books like this one?"  A sure-first HIT!

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