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Sunday, March 18, 2018

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

How I Heard About It:  I bought this book so long ago, I can't even remember when.  I started it at one point and then it sat for quite awhile.  I began it again and tried to read it while reading other books.  I found I needed to give it more attention and time to truly understand the story.  Recently I gave it a couple of days, dived in, and finally finished it  

What It Is About:  Mateo and Rufus are both in high school.  They are completely different from each other. They don't really know each other.  By the end of the day, they will be best of friends.  They each begin their day by getting a phone call from "Death-Cast".  This is one phone call you don't want to get.  They call to inform you that within the next 24 hours you will die.  Each boy realizes they need a friend to spend their final day with.  They each know there is an app for that.  It is called "Last Friend".  Both Mateo and Rufus go online, fill out the form, and find each other.  They spend their last 24 hours together.  Both boys have certain things they want to accomplish before they "go".  There are people they want to visit.  There are places they want to stop by.  There are also a few unresolved issues they want to resolve.  

What I Thought Of It:  I don't think I was ever in the right mind frame for this story.  There were times when I enjoyed the story and was getting it.  There were other times when I wasn't engaged with the story and/or didn't get it.  The premise was incredible and thought-provoking.  It gave me pause as to how I would live my last day on Earth.  I try to make the most of each day of my life, but this story reminded me how important this concept really is.  I probably didn't relate to the "unreal" or  "fantasy" parts being that I'm more of a realistic fiction reader.  

Who Should Read It:   I know that high school readers will EAT this story up.  Fans of Adam Silvera will EAT this story up.  Both the young-adult and adult reader are the perfect audience for this work of fiction.  Happy Reading!  

Rating:  3 STARS out of 5 Stars

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