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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wonder Wednesday #218 (Picture Book March Madness)

Picture Book March Madness - Week #FOUR

*As you know I love books.  I love novels.  I also love picture books.

*We share picture books each and every day for #classroombookaday.  The class has an extensive bulletin board where we keep track of what we have read together as a class.

*March is a very special time in our classroom.  We celebrate March Madness and we celebrate picture books.  This activity is one of my most favorite things we do all year.

*We begin with 32 picture books.  I pick the books based on my audience and the type of listeners/learners they are.

*Each day I read TWO books to the class.  We discuss our noticings and wonderings.  A discussion about theme is also had.

*The students then head to their iPads and do some voting for their favorite.  I use SurveyMonkey to collect the results.

*This week we wrapped up our 32 books, voted for the "sweet sixteen", and will vote for the "elite eight".
*Here are some images that capture the fourth week of March Madness...

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