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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Aces Wild by Erica S. Perl

How I Heard About It:  I had read the first book by Erica Perl a couple summers back.  It was called When Life Gives You O.J.  I thought it was really good and knew that kids would enjoy the story.  I was excited to know that the companion book was coming out and was eager to read it.

What It Is About:  Aces Wild continues where the first book left off.  Zelly is getting use to her new puppy "Ace", living with her grandfather Ace, and dealing with all of her social issues with friends and school.  Zelly's biggest goal is to get her new puppy to learn some obedience skills.  She and her grandfather head off to puppy school with Ace and things really start to get wild.  During this time Zelly also wants to host a sleepover at her house like all the other girls at her school are doing.  Life is always interesting when Ace the grandfather and Ace the dog are involved.  There are times when Zelly isn't sure she can handle it all.

What I Thought Of It:  This was an enjoyable story.  I did prefer the first one better, but know that this book will appeal to many young readers, especially those that love dogs and animals.  At times, the story moved a little too slow for my taste, but I do believe that my students will enjoy the book.

Who Should Read It:  Readers in grades 3-5 would be perfect for this book.  I also think that any student that read When Life Gives You O.J. would be thrilled to read more about Zelly, her family, and all that comes with it.  It is the perfect chapter book for those students that don't want (or can't handle) a long, thick novel.  Happy Reading!

Rating:  3 Stars out of 5 Stars

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