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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #7...

Wonder Wednesday - The Beginning of a School Year

So many wonders have occurred in the last couple of days.  There is nothing quite like starting up a school year.  Even though it has only been two days with my fourth graders, I truly believe it has been the best and most WONDERful start up to a school year I've had in a long time. 

Here are some of the WONDERS I've experienced in the last 48 hours...

*Sharing my reading life with my new students.

*Reading the first picture book (First Day Jitters) and reeling them into the world of picture books.

*Starting our first read aloud called The Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library.

*Passing out the Ipads and sharing the Wonderopolis website.  

*Logging onto Biblionasium and setting up our book shelves.  

*Reading The Story of Fish and Snail and having a great discussion about bravery.

*Showing the video "Brave" by Sara Bareilles and writing our 2nd writer's notebook entry.

*Using the site "Today'sMeet" to record our thoughts about the "Brave" video.

*Sharing my life with the students via "Socrative" quizzes.

*Introducing new books to the class and having them excited to get them into their hands.

If the first couple of WONDERful days are any indication of how the year is going to go, then I'm in for a year full of many WONDERS

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