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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Giants Beware by Jorge Aguirre...

How I Heard About It:  I have had this book on my bed-side table for over a year.  I'm not sure why I didn't read it, but it just sat there.  As I was gathering my books for my trip to Lincoln this weekend, I grabbed this book and put it in the car.  My wife and daughter spent the afternoon shopping while we were visiting here at college.  I took the book in the mall with me, found a cozy chair, and read the entire thing while waiting for the shoppers.  

What It Is About:  Another graphic novel that young readers are sure to enjoy.  The story follows Claudette, her brother, and her best friend as they make their way out of their village and into the big bad woods to find a giant that is supposedly eating the feet of young people.  It has been Claudette's dream and desire to hunt and kill the giant.  The three young people find adventure, terror, and mystery as the travel through the woods of death.  While they travel to find the giant, Claudette's father and his "staff" head out to find the children and bring them back to safety.  No one is more surprised than Claudette when they finally reach the giant and have some major decisions to make.  

What I Thought Of It:  Since I was able to read this book in one story, it must have been pretty enjoyable.  The illustrations/graphics were outstanding.  The color was so vivid and the detail was amazing.  Claudette and her friends were fun to read about and I was interested to find out how their journey would end.  The humor, although it might go over some young readers' heads, gave me some actual LOL moments.  It is with excitement that I wait for Monday so that I can introduce this book to my class.  

Who Should Read It:   This would be a great book to add to any classroom between third and sixth grade.  The story was heavy in illustrations, but I believe the text could be challenging for some readers.  The vocabulary at times can be on the complex side.  Giants Beware is probably most suited and perfect for readers in fourth and fifth grade.  Happy Reading!    

Rating:  4 Stars out of 5 Stars

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