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Saturday, March 22, 2014

40 Picture Book Vote (Books 81-120) - Round TWO...

40 Picture Book Vote - Round TWO

*This year I started something new with keeping track of our picture books that I read (or students) to the class.

*After each 40 books (40 days), we start voting for our favorite.

*We just finished our 120th day of school which meant our 120th picture book.

*This is the third time we have voted for our favorite picture book from the last set of 40.

*Here is a list of the books we covered over the last 40 days and the results of the second (Narrowing it from 20 books to 10 books) vote…

Pick Your Top TEN Favorite Books From This List
Three Little Pigs155%
The Giving Tree134%
Dizzy the Mutt with the Propeller Butt145%
Kitten's First Full Moon155%
So You Want to Be President166%
The Man Who Walked Between Towers197%
Starwars (Darth & Son)155%
Revenge of the Dino Trux166%
What to Do If An Elephant Steps on Your Foot197%
Rhyming Dust Bunnies72%
Stone Soup145%
The Frog Prince Continued186%
I Wanna Iguana114%
Don't Make Me Laugh207%
Pete & Pickles124%
Goldilocks Returns134%
Press Here103%
Shark Train145%
I Want My Hat Back134%
This Is Not My Hat155%

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