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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Surprise Sunday #8...

Breakfast with Books - 
The Quirks by Erin Soderberg

*My "Breakfast with Books" book club had the honor of having the author of The Quirks:  Welcome to Normal, Erin Soderberg join us on Friday, February 28th in our classroom.

*We read the book for our February selection.

*Lucky for us, Erin lives in the Twin Cities where I teach.

*I must say this visit was a highlight for our book club and I know the readers were beyond thrilled to have Erin join us and answer their questions about the book in person.

*The author signed copies of the book, gave everyone bookmarks, and left us with copies of her books.

*Erin was delightful and had such wonderful interactions with the readers.

*We had to cancel our first book club because of Minnesota weather, but she was willing to come the following week.

*Here is a link to a post I did for The Nerdy Book Club about Skyping with authors…
Taking the Book to the Next Level

*Thank you to Erin Soderberg for taking time to join us, answering our questions, and definitely bringing the book to the next level…

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