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Friday, March 7, 2014

Friend Friday #33...

 Hi!  I’m Logan and I'm reading the book called The Rain Dragon Rescue written by Suzanne Selfors.

I think this book is great because it has a lot of great creatures like dragons, a Sasquatch, and other cool animals. 

My favorite part of the story is when Violet, the satyess, eats Ben's button because it was a really funny part. 

The character that I liked best is Violet because she is funny and likes to have adventures. 

I think the author wrote this book because she wants readers to laugh.  I sure did!  

I would recommend this book to my friends because it has lots of adventures, is a great series, and just a fun book to read.  

Reading to me is GREAT because you get to go into your own world while you read.  

*Logan is a great boy and I have so enjoyed having him in my class this year.
 *He loves to read and reads all the time.  Sometimes too much if you know what I mean.
*Logan has enjoyed this series from Suzanne Selfors and devours the books as soon as they come out.  
*He has promoted this book to the other readers in the class. 
*I think it is so great when a series comes out that is just PERFECT for readers this age.  

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