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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life Lesson #8: Be Kind (Kindness Retreat)...

Be Kind (Kindness Retreat)

*Our fourth grade classes spent the day at the Kindness Retreat presented by Youth Frontiers.

*This field trip is awesome, meaningful, and impactful for our students.

*We got busy writing in our notebooks as soon as we returned to school.

*One of my goals is to help my students reach their full potential.  

*Each Thursday I feature a different video with a "life lesson" in it.  

*After viewing the video once or twice, we chat a bit about it as a group.

*I then have the writers record their thoughts in their writer's notebooks.

*They can write their thoughts, reactions, connections, wonderings, learnings, or whatever is on their mind regarding the video.

*Encouragement is also given to reflect on the "message" of the clip.

*After about 5-10 minutes of writing, we listen to a few of the students share what they wrote.

*It is my hope that through these "life lessons", my students can become the best young people they can be.

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