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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wonder Wednesday #116 (Skype with Cassie Beasley)...

Wonder Wednesday - Skype about Circus Mirandus

*Today was definitely a WONDER of a Wednesday.

*We had our first Skype visit of the year.  We chatted with Cassie Beasley.

*She is the wonderful author of the novel Circus Mirandus.

*This novel was our first read aloud of the year and what a story it was.

*My fourth grade listeners loved the story of Micah, his grandfather, and their adventures at Circus Mirandus.

*After finishing the story, each student wrote questions and comments about the book.

*I narrowed it down to one question and one comment per student.

*This afternoon we spent about thirty minutes chatting with Cassie.

*Each student got to share their comment and ask their question about the book, the story, or Cassie's life as a writer.

*Here is a look at our Skype visit...

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