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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wonder Wednesday #117 (NCTE)...

Wonder Wednesday - NCTE Here I Come...

*I can't believe that this convention starts tomorrow.

*Back in December 2014, I was at a local workshop that Donalyn Miller was presenting at.  We started talking about the convention being here in Minneapolis.

*The next thing I knew I was being asked to join the "Nerdy Book Club" panel during the convention.

*My first instinct was to say no because public speaking isn't my thing.  But after further thought, I knew I had to say yes because I might not get this chance ever again.

*After finishing up my reserve teacher plans this afternoon, I headed home and grew more and more excited for the next four days.

*I'm so excited to attend the various sessions, visit the author booths, meet "online" friends in person, socialize with members of the "Nerdy Book Club", and of course participate in the round table presentation.

*Here is a screen shot of my portion of the presentation...

*I know it is going to be an exciting four days of learning, connecting, socializing, and heading out of my comfort level to experience something I think I've been waiting for my entire teaching career.

*I'm sure I will be "tweeting" and taking pictures to document the experience of #NCTE2015.

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