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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wonder Wednesday #206 (The Creativity Project #ONE)

Wonder Wednesday - "I Remember"...

*I was so thrilled to be able to view an ARC of Colby Sharp's The Creativity Project via my #bookexpedition group on Twitter.  It was an amazing read and I was so excited to try out some of the ideas with my fourth graders.

*It was even more thrilling to receive a signed copy of the book by the author himself during #NCTE in St. Louis.  Now I could really dig in and see which writing prompts I wanted to use right away.

*Before writer break we spent time with the prompt of "I Remember."  This was the process that I choose to use...

1.  We gathered as writers in a circle and verbally shared between five and ten "I Remember"    statements.  Such great discussion and fun came from this sharing.

2.  I then shared the prompt from the book written by Victoria Jamieson (page 57) and the response from Mr. Schu (page 58).  The listeners LOVED John's remembering about 5th grade.  

2.  The writers then spent between 5-10 minutes making an "I Remember" list in their writing notebook.

3.  A few of the writers shared from their lists.

4.  The following day each student choose one of their ideas to create a piece of writing.  

5.  Everyone was so engaged, writing a lot, and enjoying the project that I decided to wander the room and capture the moment via some pictures.

*Here are my fourth grade writers busy at work being "CREATIVE"...

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