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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wonder Wednesday #209 (And the Next One Is)

Wonder Wednesday - Breakfast with Books

*We have had a series of missteps in trying to have our current "Breakfast with Books" book club.

*The readers will be meeting with author Abby Cooper to talk about her two novels; Sticks and Stones along with Bubbles.

*The first date we had, this teacher had the WRONG date and we had to reschedule.

*The second date we had, the Twin Cities had one heck of a snow storm and our school had a two-hour delay so we had to cancel this one also.

*The readers are now waiting patiently for our third attempt to chat with Abby.  She will be visiting our book club Tuesday, January 30th.

*In the meantime, I announced our next book club selection.  I couldn't wait any longer.  It was one of my favorite readers from this past summer.  The readers are going to fall in love with Lorenzo and Marty.

*Today during class, I asked two sets of readers to share their thoughts about our upcoming novel.

*When they got back, I watched the two videos and got a kick out of the differences between the girls  and boys "version".

*There is no one better to promote a book than the young readers themselves.

*Take a look...

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