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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Preparing for Season 22...

 I went back into room 113 today to continue the preparations for the 2012-2013.  I brought all the books that I read this summer back to the classroom.  It was fun to lay them all out on the floor and reflect back on everything I read.  I so enjoyed reading Smile.  I'm looking forward to Drama coming out this fall. 

This was a wonderful pile to spread out.  I wasn't much of a graphic novel reader, but once I hit Twitter I realized how great these types of books are.  I'm working my way through the Babymouse books.  I can't wait to get all the way up to the latest book in the series. 

 I read many hard-cover books this past summer.  One of my favorite reads had to be One for the Murphy's.  It is such a powerful novel and so much emotion in it. 
Wow!  Even more hard cover books.   It was so enjoyable to spend many summer days reading on the porch.  Some of my favorites from this picture are The Lions of Little Rock, Liar and Spy, and Out of My Mind
 I spent some more time setting up the classroom library.  I love that I moved it.  It is really coming along.  I put some of my favorite reads on the circular bookshelf.  I also got some of my favorite picture books displayed on the top shelf.  More progress to come soon...

I use to have different clubs that my students could join.  This year the clubs are all going to revolve around books.  An example would be that when I student reads all of the Babymouse books, they can join the Babymouse Club.  This bulletin board will continue to build as the year goes on and we book talk more and more books. 
 Here is a picture of our writing wall.  Each student gets a sheet of paper and as we publish different pieces of writing, we will display them on this board.  What I like is that this bulletin board stays up all year, but changes quite often. 

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