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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wonder Wednesday #39...

Wonder Wednesday - Readers Ready for the TEST

*I use to get stressed about the MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) that we give every April.

*The more I've learned recently is that I don't need to get stressed, nervous, or uptight about these state tests.

*I don't need to feel all of these "negative" feelings because I now realize I have prepared my students for this "REQUIRED" examination from day number one in my classroom.

*What I do is teach my students to be life-long readers and learners; if I have done this, then the test-takers will do WONDERfully on the MCA (and any other state required test).

*A school nearby put together a pretty cool video to share with their students before they take "THE TEST."

*I love the message of "letting go" of all the stress of the test and just show what you know.

*Our students in Minnesota are taking the reading MCA test on Tuesday, April 15th and Wednesday, April 16th.  They will take the math test the following week.

*In honor of my students and not stressing them (or myself) out about this test, here is the video from the group of teachers right here in the Twin Cities.

*Keep promoting the love of books, reading, sharing, writing, and learning; hopefully someday soon teachers won't have to make videos like this one.  We can let our students be kids again with the love of learning and knowledge.  (and of course books and reading)

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