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Monday, April 27, 2015

Class Read Aloud #6: Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo...

Class Read Aloud #6 - Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

*Normally I read new books to my class each year.  

*Because this is such a "top-notch" book, I wanted to read it to this year's class.  

*This was our SIXTH read aloud of the year and was a complete hit! 

*Here are a few thoughts that my listeners had...

I thought this book was…

*Cool because the squirrel could fly.  
*Really good because it had so much action and cool things in it.
*Great because it had such great characters and so many heroes in the story.  

I liked it when…

*Ulysses came back because it was a good moment in the story.  
*William Spiver broke his glasses and realized he is not blind.
*The squirrel got his powers because he was sucked up by a vacuum cleaner.  

My favorite character was…

Ulysses because he was the hero of the story.
*Flora because she was so nice to Ulysses.  
*Tootie because she was so funny.   

My favorite part in the story was…

*When the cat was thrown down the hallway because it was funny.  
*At the end because it was a sweet ending.  
*When Ulysses ate the cheese puffs because I like them too.  

It was interesting when…

*Ulysses wrote a poem because how many squirrel do you know that type poems.   

*Ulysses flew across the restaurant because I wonder what it would be like to do that.  
*Flora's mother said "I love you" because it was a sweet and loving moment.  

I was frustrated when…

*The book was done because I wanted it to continue.
*The mother kidnapped Ulysses because it was a mean thing to do.
*The mom said it will be better without you here because what mom says that!  

I give this book _____ stars!  

5 STARS =  10 Students
4 STARS =  12 Students
3 STARS =  2 Students
2 STARS =  0 Student
1 STAR =  0 Students  

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