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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wonder Wednesday #88...

Wonder Wednesday:  My Weekly Top-Five

*My last several Wednesday posts have been about our Picture Book March Madness Voting.  Now that was FUN!

*I really wasn't sure what to do for this week's Wonder Wednesday.

*During one of my reading classes on Tuesday I was thinking about aspects of my language arts teaching that was going really well.

*Here are my top five "literacy" moments from the last week or so (in no particular order)...

5.  The Terrible Two by Jory John and Mac Barnett

*Some kids in my third reading class started asking me about my "homeroom" book club that I run and Skyping with authors.

*This title and Jory John came up and they asked if they could Skype with him.  I told him we already did, but they were welcome to read the awesome book.

*The "hold" list for this book grew quite long today.

4.  Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

*We just finished our sixth read aloud on Tuesday, April 21st.

*The class absolutely loved the story of Flora and her flying squirrel.

*There was a sigh of a relief as I closed the book.  I took this as satisfaction with the conclusion.

3.  Minnesota Comprehension Assessment (Reading)

*My reading students took the reading portion of the MCA last Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.

*I decided long ago to NOT teach to the test and instead trust in my readers that they will "soar" through the test because they are life-long readers and have read A LOT this year.

*It was a joy to watch my readers take the test with ease, no stress, and show what strong readers they are.

4.  Breakfast with Books (Final Book Club)

*We have had a wonderful year of books, discussions, Skype visits, and author visits.

*For our final book which is coming up in May, I decided to give them a choice between two novels.

*Some of my readers are reading Pie, some are reading Honey, and some are reading both.

*We will Skype with Sarah Weeks during our book club.

*It is a good sign when the readers expressed their disappointment that this is our last book club.  

5.  Just Jake by Jake Marcionette 

*Recently, I ran across this book (and the sequel) at the bookstore.

*I then found out it was written by a teenager.  How cool is that!

*I'm been sharing the title with my readers and they are going crazy for these two books.

*It is so much fun when this happens and the book hype travels around the room and from reader to reader.  

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