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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friend Friday #123 (A Whole New Ballgame by Phil Bildner)...

Hi!  I am Brooke and I read the book/series called A Whole New Ballgame written by Phil Bildner.

I think this book/series is great because it is funny and has so many great parts.  It was one of our best book club books.    

My favorite part in the story is when all the kids in the class ask "Where is Mrs. Hamburger?"  because I thought it was a funny name and they were all anxious about the new teacher.   

The character that I liked best was Rip because he encouraged Red and was such a great friend to him.  

I think the author wrote this book because he wanted us to know how it would be to have a friend that struggles and how to deal with a new (and different) type of teacher.  

I would recommend this book to my friends because the story is magnificent and it is about real life problems that we can relate to.  

Reading to me is concentrating because if you are really into the book you automatically are concentrating on the story and not thinking about your own life.  If you don't like the story you are reading then there really is not point in reading it.  

*We will be Skyping with Phil on Friday, January 22nd about this book.

*After meeting him at NCTE15 and reading this book, I knew I had to pick it for "Breakfast with Books".

*Brooke was the first one to complete the novel so I asked her to share her thoughts here.

*I love the comments my readers give about the books they are reading.  

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