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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Picture Wednesday #19 (Concert in the AIR)...

"Concert in the AIR"

*This photo came across my Twitter feed under "Fascinating Pictures."  

*The photograph caught my attention and led me to study it for a bit.

*I love the fact that all these people came together to help out this individual to enjoy whatever it is they are watching and enjoying.  How cool is that!  

*Each Wednesday we write in our writer's notebooks about a particular image.

*They can record their thoughts, reactions, connections, likes/dislikes, reminders, noticings, or anything else they would like.  

*Some of the writers choose to write a fiction story based on the picture.

*We write between five and ten minutes and then do a quick share at the end.  

*The photos always lead to lots of conversation and the sharing of ideas.  I try to get them to write first and then we can share what we wrote and what we were thinking.

*The writers are really enjoying writing and talking about these photographs. 

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