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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wonder Wednesday #147 (Change of Pace)

Wonder Wednesday - ADELE Live

*This Wednesday's Wonder is a change of pace from my "typical" posts on Wednesdays.

*Most of my posts have to do with my reading life and love of books.

*A second passion of mine is music and LIVE shows.  My wife Kris and I try to get to as many Broadway shows and concerts here in the Twin Cities.

*Last night we were lucky enough to see Adele kick off her North American tour right here in St. Paul.

*It was one of the best concerts we have ever seen.  Adele sounded wonderful, was so funny, and gave one terrific show.

*If you get a chance to see her during this summer tour, I would highly recommend it.  Well worth the money.  A night to remember!!!

*Here are some pictures and videos I took during the event...

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