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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

How I Heard About It:  Adam's first novel More Happy Than Not was one of my favorite young-adult novels.  It was so exciting to learn that he was coming out with a new book.  It was even more exciting to hear how much readers were enjoying the ARC's and releases of the story.  Recently I downloaded the book my CloudLibrary app.  It was a quick reading experience because I could not stop once I started.  

What It Is About:  Is there such a thing as "true" love at the young ages of sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen?  That is what Griffin, Theo, Jackson, and Wade are trying to figure out.  Griffin and Theo have been friends since early childhood.  The two of them shared everything.  It wasn't until high school when they realized there was something more going on between the two of them.  Griffin and Theo are over the top when they each profess their love for each other and begin a relationship.  Their lives couldn't be going better when Theo gets accepted to a college in California which would leave Theo back in New York along with their "third-wheel" best friend Wade.  Griffin knows Theo needs to pursue his dream and sends him off to California with his "blessing".  The two of them go their separate ways while trying to maintain their friendship.  Theo meets Jackson while in California and they begin their own relationship.  As hard as this is for Griffin, he does everything he can to stay friends with Thea.  When Jackson shows up in New York, without Theo, Griffin's world is turned upside down and he must figure out his feelings for Theo, Jackson, and even Wade.  

What I Thought Of It:  Oh my gosh, this story was so good.  I really knew nothing of the plot so it was a great reading experience.  With each page, I got to know these four young men, the struggles they were facing, and the major decisions they needed to make.  All four characters were developed so strongly and each brought so much to the story.  The writing brought me directly into the story and gave me a front-row seat.  Adam Silvera did an amazing "job" of creating real-life characters in which the reader could really feel what they were going through.  There were funny parts.  There were sad parts.  There were surprising parts.  The book had it all.  Even though there was heart-ache and pain, I left the story with a sense of hope, purpose, and joy for the world and the relationships we have.  

Who Should Read It:  It is definitely a read for high school readers and above.  Adult readers will also enjoy the story, the writing, and the characters.  Young gay males may also be perfect for the story, especially if they are on their own journey of coming out.  Each of the characters in the story bring something special and unique that can help readers understand what it is like for young gay men in our society.  Happy Reading!  

Rating:  4 STARS out of 5 Stars

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