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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #6...

I always love setting up my classroom each fall.  It is such a fresh start and filled with such WONDER.

My favorite aspect of my room is the focus of books in each and every corner of the room.  It is just a WONDERFUL site and just makes me smile day in and day out. 

Tonight is our open house for our new students.  I will be welcoming my 28 new fourth graders.  It is my hope and wish that they find room 113 just as WONDERFUL as I do. 

As much as my room is a WONDER to me, it is truly the students that make this environment even more of a WONDER.

Enjoy a sneak peek of the classroom before the excitement of 2013-2014 begins...

Comprehension Connection Sheets

 Cafe Model Sheets - Note and Notice Strategies

Kids love reading in this chair.  One part of classroom library.

The revolving library, reading chairs, and a fun bulletin board.

My new favorite reading chair.  The start of picture-book bins.

Our writing bulletin board, bins of books, and a favorite poster.

Genre Posters, another classroom library, and conference table.

 All of my favorite books surround my desk.


 Lots of books and our club sheets to join after reading a book.

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