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Friday, January 3, 2014

Friend Friday #24...

Hi!  I’m Shannon and I just finished reading, Wonder  written by R.J. Palacio.

I think this book is a “MUST READ” for all human beings.  It helps us remember how to love everyone!  It is one of those books that grabs you on the first page and never lets go!  I can’t wait to read this book to my children in hopes of them learning how we treat others with kindness- ALWAYS! 

It’s rather hard for me to choose a “favorite part” of this book.   The book is so inviting and such a fast read that choosing one part is impossible.  It’s charming, endearing and uplifting.  It’s also very sad and relevant.  It has a great message, “Always try to be a little kinder than necessary” and that alone makes this book a winner in my eyes! 

I really enjoyed all of the characters because the author writes them to have a perfect balance of humor and emotion.  They are sympathetic yet flawed.  They are kind but mean.  They have the capability of being incredibly brave yet completely afraid.  I was easily brought back to my elementary/middle school years and related to each of the characters with this intense emotion.  So relevant in today’s day in age with the issues of bullying and popularity! 

I think this book was written to remind us all to err on the side of kindness.  It’s a great coming of age story and something that each of us can relate to at one point in our life or another.  It’s hard to know the author’s true intentions, but as a mom, my intentions are to read it to my children to help them understand how important the golden rule truly is! 

I would recommend this book to EVERYONE because written with humor, truth, and relevance.  It’s a book that you will not want to put down and you will be completely bummed when it ends.  The message is strong and a great reminder to all of us trying to lead a better life! 

*Shannon is a friend, a reader, and a former co-worker.
*It is so fun to recommend books to her because she is always willing to read them.
*I will get texts from her while she is on vacation stating she is in tears over a novel I passed on to her.
*There is nothing more I enjoy than sharing a wonderful book with a wonderful friend.
*Thanks Shannon for being my guest on Friday Friday #24

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