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Monday, January 6, 2014

Music Monday (Looking to 2014)...

"If We Hold On Together" from Land Before Time
*We didn't have school today so no Music Monday with my students.
*I decided to post a few songs that give me motivation for the new year 2014!

"Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield
*I love the message in this song about the possibility of what life can be for each person.  
*The words "outside the lines" are always pointed out to my students.

"The Living Proof" by Mary J. Blige from The Help
*The words in the song always get to me.
*I point out how when we support each other we can do and overcome anything.

Music Monday Selections 2013-2014 (so far)...

Week Number One:  What I Am by
Week Number Two:  Proud by Heather Small
Week Number Three:  Roar by Katy Perry
Week Number Four:  Dreamer by Chris Brown 
Week Number Five:  What Does the Fox Say? by Ylvis 
Week Number Six:  The Rainbow Connection by The Muppets 
Week Number Seven:  Good Time by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen 
Week Number Eight:  Thriller by Michael Jackson 
Week Number Nine:  Hall of Fame by The Script and 
Week Number Ten:  Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka & Glee 
Week Number Eleven:  One Day by Matisyahu
Week Number Twelve:  Count on Me by Bruno Mars
Week Number Thirteen:  Louder by Charice 
Week Number Fourteen:  Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid
Week Number Fifteen:  Do They Know It's Christmas by the cast of Glee

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  1. Do you always show a YouTube video when you share the songs? or do you just play the song? Do you ever then use the words to 'closely read' the true meaning of the song? Just wandering what has worked for you. I'd like to try and share more music in my class. I currently have a beautiful piano CD that I play when the kids first walk in every day, it plays for about 20 minutes, settles them in, gets the routine going for the day... they always remind me if I forget to put it on... we also play it during some individual writing time.... Thanks for your wonderful and inspiring blog! Liz