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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wonder Wednesday #62...

Wonder Wednesday - Morning Pick-Me-Up

*This blog post idea came to me when I was observing my class start their morning on Tuesday.

*It was day #21 and seems that our morning routine has fallen into place...

*One of the most exciting parts about being a teacher is how we evolve from year to year.

*I have had the best first 20 or so days this fall with my new group of students.

*One of the parts of our day that I'm enjoying most is the arrival of my readers.

*This year I'm trying something new and I'm loving it.  I think my students are too.

*I created a "record" sheet that covers the first several weeks of school.

*Each week I gather a collection of picture books for my fourth graders to read.

*They are displayed on the front table in our room.  It has become the "reading table."

*As the students come in each morning, they get their reading sheet out and choose a book.

*They record the title, the author, and give it a star rating (after they finish of course).

*I collect the sheets each Friday to check to see if the readers are filling them out each day.

*This has been such a wonderful and calm way to begin our morning together.

*It has always been my belief that fourth graders are NOT too old for picture books.

*Based on the first month of school, I can tell they are enjoying the books and the reading.

*Each week I highlight a different author.  I am rotating the books from week to week; keeping the pile of author books on the table for several weeks.

*These are some of the books/authors we have had available to us so far...

-The Black Lagoon Series
-The Fly Guy Series
-The Franklin Series
-Eric Carle Books
-Nancy Carlson Books
-Lauren Child Books

*The readers have about 10 minutes of time with the picture book and most of them are able to read one picture book easily.  Many students are getting to more than one book.  

*As I watched on Tuesday morning, it occurred to me that this "pick-me-up" morning reading activity has fallen into place and all of my readers are having a successful start to their school day!

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