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Thursday, August 3, 2017

#NerdCampMI 2017

#NerdCampMI - Summer 2017

*I attended my second #NerdCampMI from Sunday, July 9th through Wednesday, July 12th.

*This year I brought two colleagues along for the "ride" and the "adventure" of the best PD out there.

*It was a glorious three days and I had even more fun than I did my first year.  I have so much fun connecting with "old" friends and making new ones.  Some of my most favorite connections have been made at "camp".

*The week began with a concert from Emily Arrow.  Monday began with a "DIVERSITY" talk with the most amazing panel.  A highlight for me were the six Nerd Talks given by some of the most inspiring educators/authors.  The afternoon consisted of a couple of awesome break-out sessions.

*Monday night was a blast getting together with eighty or so NERDY folk at a local establishment.  It was great to chat, connect, and talk books with these really cool people.

*I love Tuesday at NerdCamp because it follows the EdCamp model.  There were some terrific sessions both in the morning and afternoon.

*Of course it wouldn't be camp without #NerdCampJr.  This year I was a leader with a group of first graders and we got to experience the magic of Lauren Castillo and Debbie Ohi.

*These three days rejuvenate and inspire me for the upcoming school year.  There really is nothing like it.  I'm already looking forward to July 2018.

*Here is a photo essay of my time in Michigan...

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