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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Setting Free the Kites by Alex George

How I Heard About It:  When I see a novel written up with a positive review in a newspaper and/or magazine I always add it to my TBR list on GoodReads.  This one has been on my list for a bit of time and I recently downloaded it via the Cloud Library app from my local library.  It was an enjoyable read as I drove around, and mowed, the last couple of weeks.  

What It Is About:  Setting Free the Kites takes the reader back to 1976 to a small town in Maine.  It is here that we meet Robert.  He is beginning eighth grade and hoping that school will be better than it has been.  Robert has been the target of the school bully.  At the start of the school year, the bully corners Robert in the bathroom and begins his "torture" on him.  Luckily for Robert, a new student Nathan, comes in and "saves" the day.  This is the beginning of a friendship that will bring both boys much happiness; along with a lot of heartache.  Robert has lived in the shadows of life while Nathan is fearless and lives life on the edge.  When both boys have major losses in their lives, they rely on friendship to move them through these difficult moments.  Both boys  spend their summers working at the run down amusement park that Robert's father runs.  It is here that Robert ends his "boyhood" and must begin to live life as a young man.  

What I Thought Of It:  My heart was touched while reading/listening to the story.  I fell for the characters and was invested in what happened to them.  This is a sign of a truly great story.  The friendship between Robert and Nathan was special and endearing.  They each brought so much to the other.  Nathan was just what Robert needed during this time in his life.  The plot was extremely strong and solid, but there were also a few incredible "twists and turns" that I did not see coming.  The writing was smooth, easy to follow, and everything tied so well together.  After reading this newest novel by Alex George, I'm putting his first book A Good American on my TBR list.  

Who Should Read It:  There are lots of wonderful middle-grade and young-adult novels that I recommend to my friends.  Recently I have found I don't have as many titles for adult novels.  With this one, that has all changed.  I've already posted this as a "must-read" on both Facebook and Twitter.  It is the perfect read for this last month of summer.  If you don't get to it then, the novel will work in fall, winter, and/or spring.  Happy Reading!  

Rating:  5 STARS out of 5 Stars

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