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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wonder Wednesday #224 (Mindfulness)

Wonder Wednesday - A "Retreat" away from the Classroom

*The last days of teaching are always a busy time, but it was wonderful to get out of the classroom and give myself some PD.

*This was my second day of Mindfulness Training that my district is offering.

*I have been implementing many Yoga Calm/Mindfulness concepts and activities throughout the school year.  I have seen a definite move in the right direction.

*The students that we are getting at our school are coming with more and more needs and as educators we need to find ways to meet them where they are at.  Taking time for thought, movement, and relaxation is so important.

*I came away with many new ideas and I can't wait to implement them in the remaining 15 days of fourth grade.  It is even more exciting to think about the possibilities that I will start next fall with.

*Our training was provided by 1000 PETALS.

*Here are a few videos that may get you started on your own journey...

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