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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Genius Files #2 - Never Say Genius by Dan Gutman

How I Heard About It:   I had read about the first Genius Files book on Mr. Schu's website ( a few months back.  I read the first book and loved it.  I loved it so much that it was our December's "Breakfast with Books" selection for my 4th grade students.  I enjoy picking the first book in a series because it is my hope that the readers will continue the series on their own.  I read this book on my own and I'm so glad I did. 

What It Is About:  This second book continues the summer road trip adventure of Coke and Pepsi with their parents.  They make their way from Wisconsin to Washington D.C. with more crazy, dangerous, and unique adventures on the way.  It is a face paced journey and one that keeps you turning page after page.  The story concludes at The Museum of American History with an "explosive" ending.  The last page leaves you hanging and looking forward to the third installment of this series. 

What I Thought Of It:   As you can probably already tell, I loved this book.  It is not realistic and includes some crazy and over the top plots, but that is what I (and my students) love about this series.  It is fun, fast-paced, and full of many unique situations.  I think it is so cool that Gutman includes many road side attractions that our country has to offer.  He even includes Google map directions throughout the books so that readers can follow these two awesome characters.  After reading the first two books, I want to take a cross country road trip and see these quirky attractions. 

Who Should Read It:  If you love children's literature, you will love this book.  I don't know how you couldn't.  This is also the type of book (series) that is perfect for our young readers.  I believe the books would make for wonderful read alouds for grades three and above.  Independent readers could handle them easily from grades four and above.  I know my students (4th graders) were thrilled by reading the first book in the series, have already started the second book, and are looking forward to the third installment later in January.  Read this series!  You will NOT be disappointed.  Thanks Dan...

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