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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mock Caldecott (Round Five)...

Mock Caldecott -  Round Five

*This was our final day of voting.  

*To celebrate picture book month and our first 40 picture books, we decided to vote for our favorite.

*We began with 40, then went to 10, narrowed it down to 5, and finally voted on our final 3.

*Here are the results for our final day of voting...

Creepy Carrots (10 Votes)

Interrupting Chicken (8 Votes)

Little Pea (8 Votes)

*It was exciting to me to take the first 40 books and have my students narrow it all the way down to their favorite picture book.

*I'm even more thrilled that of all the books I shared with my fourth graders, they chose one of the best picture books.  (So Far) 

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