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Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Own Version of "Mock Caldecott" Awards...

2013-2014 Mock Caldecott Awards

*I first must thank Colby Sharp and John Schu for this idea.

*I saw on Twitter they were doing a unit together called the "Mock Caldecott" awards.  Check their blogs for further information.
*After reading about their unit to celebrate "Picture Book" month, I knew I wanted to do something with my class.

*Not having enough time to prepare an in-depth and complete unit on the Caldecott Award, I decided to do my own version with my students.  

*We begin our morning meeting with a picture book.  So far we have read 42 picture books.  

*After every 40 books, we will do a "vote" of our favorite picture book from that group of 40.

*Today, each student received a ballot with the first 40 books we have shared.

*Each student voted for their top ten picture books.  These votes were tallied to come up with a list of ten picture books for the class to continue to vote on. 

*Tomorrow the students will get another voting sheet with a list of the top ten picture books.

*We will keep narrowing the list until we get our first winner of our very own Caldecott Award.

*Here is the first list of 40 picture books my fourth graders voted on...

1.              First Day Jitters                                                                       
2.              The Story of Fish & Snail                                                                     
3.              Chrysanthemum 
4.         Bully                                                                                   
5.              The Recess Queen                                                                    
6.              School Picture Day                                                                    
7.              Book Fair Day                                                                            
8.              Teacher Appreciation Day                                                        
9.              Pajama Day                                                                                
10.            The Dot                                                                                    
11.            Ish                                                                                           
12.            I’m Here                                                                                             
13.            The North Star                                                                     
14.            The Dot                                                                                    
15.            Little Pea                                                                                   
16.            Little Oink                                                                              
17.            Little Hoot                                                                              
18.            This Plus That                                                                         
19.            Chopsticks                                                                                
20.            Spoon                                                                                       
21.            Exclamation Mark                                                                   
22.            It’s Not Fair                                                                              
23.            Duck, Rabbit                                                                         
24.            YES Day                                                                             
25.            The O.K. Book                                                                          
26.            Science Fair Day                                                                   
27.            Field Trip Day                                                                        
28.            Interrupting Chicken                                                           
29.            The Day the Crayons Quit                                                      
30.            The Flying Books of Morris Lessmore                                   
31.            Ms. Smith’s Incredible Story Book                                         
32.            Miss Smith Reads Again                                                       
33.            Miss Smith Under the Ocean                                               
34.            Miss Smith’s Haunted House                                                
35.            The Perfect Square                                                                  
36.            The Library Dragon                                                                
37.            The Dark                                                                                 
38.            Creepy Carrots                                                                       
39.            The Perfect Pumpkin Pie                                                        
40.            Halloween

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