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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #16...

Wonder of Student Readers

*As we head into the third month of our year, I finally feel that we are actually getting into a solid routine and schedule.

*I'm actually finding some time (just a little bit) to actually sit back and observe what is truly happening in my classroom.

*It has specifically been rewarding to watch the wonders of my student readers....

*Irene is my most avid reader and must read between two and three books a day.  A joy to watch!

*Jack is my most enthusiastic reader and so excited when I book talk or introduce a new book title.

*Ilhan is jumping on the band wagon with our "Breakfast with Books" and had her father buy her our most recent book club selection at the local Barnes and Nobel.

*Will is the boy in class that takes forever to get himself into the reading "zone" but once he is there he doesn't even realize when we have switched activities. 

*Megan is the girl we all have in class and she wants to read all day long.  It just kills me when I have to tell her to put the book away (because it is math or science time).

*Kaiden is my most organized reader and is working his way through all of our "club books" in a most orderly fashion.

*Meghan is my emotional student who is dealing with a lot, but when she reads I can see her relax and head into all those wonderful and incredible worlds.

*Masa is my scattered reader and can't seem to stick with one book, but I have found the trick of giving him a book that I want him to read and then he is able to immerse himself in that book.

*Kori is my reader that asked me at the beginning of the year to give her the greatest books to read this year.  She has read Wonder, The One and Only Ivan, and currently on Out of My Mind.

*Ramey is my reader who finds the same spot in the room each day which is all by himself and leaves our room for thirty minutes or so and goes into another world of his book.

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