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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #18...

The Wonder of a Reading Community

*Each year I know that I get better and better at creating a community of readers.

*I must thank Donalyn Miller and her two books, The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild, because she and the books have had a tremendous impact on my teaching, my love of reading, and my goal to create WILD readers.

*In the last few years, book talks have become a major element of my reading workshop.  It is amazing to see the power we have as teachers when we promote a book.

*After I present (book talk) a new book to my class, I post a club sheet on our bulletin boards.  The book is listed and then enough spots for all the kids to sign their name on the club sheet.

*Once a reader has completed the book, they sign their name to the club sheet.

*It is such a simple thing, but amazing how a simple sheet posted on the bulletin board can create motivation to read a book, share conversations about the book, and encourage other readers to read the book.

*I always get such a kick out of my students when they can walk into the classroom in the morning and notice if a new club sheet has been posted.  

*Here are some pictures of our club book bulletin boards...

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