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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Surprise Sunday #2...

#ABCT (Adult Book on Twitter) Announcement

*If you have not head about #ABCT, then check out the following link...

#ABCT (Adult Book Club on Twitter)

*I'm excited to announce the date of our #ABCT discussion.

*We will be meeting on Thursday, December 5th at 7:00 CT.

*It is my hope and dream that many readers can join in on the discussion of this incredible novel. 

*It is an even bigger hope and dream to have the author Wally Lamb join us. 

*I know he is on Twitter and I'm working on it.  We shall see what happens...

*If you haven't, get yourself a copy of this novel, read it before December 5th, and join us for another wonderful book club discussion on Twitter. 

*We will be using the hashtag of #ABCT.

*You can also "tweet" your thoughts as you read. I love to hear what other readers are thinking about as they read a novel!  

*Happy Reading...

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