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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #17...

Wonder Wednesday - The Wonder of Wally 

*I think you would call my "heading" an alliteration!

*Having come off an incredible book, I've been thinking of authors and books.

*Wally Lamb is my favorite adult author.

*I have found all four of his books to be truly a wonder of a book!

 I Know This Much Is True

*This was my first Wally Lamb book and what a wonder it was.
*The story totally consumed me during the summer of 1997.
*I shared it with everyone I knew.
*I'll always remember sharing it with my mother (who now has Alzheimer's) and talking about it.
*When I shared it with a colleague, she brought it home on a Wednesday and finished it by Sunday.
*I've reread it a couple of times and know I will again in the future.

 She's Come Undone

*After reading I Know This Much Is True, I had to get my hands on another novel of Wally's.
*I so enjoyed this story also.
*It was amazing to me that a male author could tell a story from a female point of view so well.
*Delores is a character I will always remember.

 The Hour I First Believed

*Readers had to wait many years (I think 10) for Wally's third book.
*The book store was my first stop after work when it came out.
*I devoured the story within a weekend. 
*It was interesting that Wally took fiction and wove it in with actual current events.
*Being able to listen to Wally in person at our local book store was a thrill.
*I had him autograph two of his books for me.
*We chatted briefly about my BBC (Boy's Book Club)

We Are Water

*I have posted many blogs about his latest book.
*It did not disappoint and was an excellent story of family, secrets, and loss.
*After having finished the book, tweeted about it, and blogged about it, Wally actually followed me.
*This was a full-circle moment for me going back to 1997 when I was first introduced to his work.

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