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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wonder Wednesday #60...

Wonder Wednesday - Book Giveaway

*This idea comes directly from Donalyn Miller

*I attended a workshop she gave this past August.

*She described how she gives out "new reads" to her students.

*This is our first "giveaway" of the school year...

*My goal was to start this "wonderful" idea the first week of school, but that got away from me.

*As I blogged about earlier, I have three "reading" classes this year.  A dream come true!

*Today I set up our first book "giveaway".  No, they don't get to keep the book, but do get to read it.

*I "book talked" Comics Squad to all three classes.  

*After the book talk, I invited those students that were interested to submit their reading name card.

*All the cards went into our "book bowl".  

*Tomorrow I will draw a name from the bowl and that student will be the first reader to get their hands on this particular book.

*I'm thinking of drawing maybe five cards so we have a list of who will get the book next.  

*The readers are very excited to see who will be the first to get to read this new book in our classroom collection.

*I'm hoping to do this type of "drawing" several times a week.  

*Thanks to Donalyn Miller for sharing this awesome idea.  

*The excitement is palpable!!!  

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