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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wonder Wednesday #61...

Wonder Wednesday - Community of Readers

*There is nothing better than a community of readers!

*Over the last few years I have focused on building a strong reading community.

*One way I've done this is by way of "Club Book" Sheets.

*I make it a very simple program because as teachers we don't have any extra time to spare.

*The first step is to introduce and/or "book talk" a book with the class.

*The book sheet is then posted on the bulletin board.

*I invite readers to read the book and when they finish they record their name on the club sheet.

*That's it!  Nothing else.  But it sure does motivate and build a community of readers.

*It is a great way to introduce and promote lots of books and have as many kids read them as possible.

*The readers LOVE signing the sheets and see how many different clubs they can join.  

*It is a true WONDER to watch each club sheet grow with more and more "members."  

*Happy Reading!!!

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