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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trailer Thursday #75 (You Wouldn't Want To Be A - Series)...

You Wouldn't Want To Be A...
(Nonfiction Picture Book Series)

*I spent a week sharing some of the books from this series to my fourth grade students.

*The picture books we did were...

1.  You Wouldn't Want to Be a World World II Fighter Pilot
2.  You Wouldn't Want to Climb Mount Everest 
3.  You Wouldn't Want to Work on the Great Wall of China
4.  You Wouldn't Want to Build the Statue of Liberty
5.  You Would Want to Be a Chicago Gangster

*Here are some short trailers I found to promote this series.

*My fourth graders absolutely loved these books, were entertained, and learned so much.

*It is an exciting time in my classroom now that I'm finally bringing in more and more nonfiction.

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