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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wonder Wednesday # 74 (Read Aloud #3: 2014-2015) - The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm...

The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm

*I received an ARC of this novel this past summer.  I read it electronically.

*When it was released as a hard cover, I of course bought a copy.

*This was our third read aloud and the class LOVED it!
*I have each student fill out a reflection sheet about the book.

*Here are a few responses from my students…

I thought this book was…

*Interesting and awesome because it was really interesting when the grandfather changed into a teenage boy.
*Great because it had a fun plot that kept me listening to the whole story.
*Cool because there was a jellyfish that reversed your age. 

I liked it when…

*The grandfather/teenage boy turned into the boy because it was a WOW moment and cool.
*Billy sent the jellyfish because it was different and funny. 
*Ellie and Melvin stopped fighting because I like happy endings. 

My favorite character was…

*Ellie because she was such a nice girl.
*Melvin because he was funny. 
*Raj because he was an interesting character and different from most book type characters. 

My favorite part in the story was…

*When the grandfather was old and then came to the family as a teenage boy because that was cool. *When they tried to steal the T. Melvinous because it was a funny and suspenseful moment. 
*When Ellie thought her goldfish from Kindergarten lived for five years because she never knew her mom kept buying new fish.

It was interesting when…

*Ellie met Raj because I didn't see him fitting in with the story, but then he did. 
*They found the second jellyfish because I'm don't have an idea of what it could do. 
*Melvin the grandfather went away to explore the world because you would think that he would stay with his family. 

I was frustrated when…

*Brianna started to join the volleyball team and started to get away from Ellie because I don't understand why should would do that to her friend. 
*They fought over whether the T. Melvinous was right or wrong because I don't like it when people fight. 
*The grandfather left because I didn't want him to. 

I give this book _____ stars!  

5 STARS =  17 Students
4 STARS =  6 Students
3 STARS =  2 Students
1 STAR =

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